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Children with special needs also need special financial considerations. That’s why Heath Burch and Scott Adams founded the Special Needs Planning Center. Their goal is to help parents throughout the different stages of their child’s development, while also helping the parents reach their own financial goals.

Planning Services

When caring for a child with special needs, the options can be overwhelming. The dedicated team at The Special Needs Planning Center can help you create financial plans that will help ensure a level of quality care for your child during and after your lifetime, and will prepare you and your family for the following:

Meeting Social Security Qualification Guidelines
Establishing Special Needs Trusts
Retaining Guardianship
Coordinating Family Assets
Creating Continuity of Care Documents
Planning for Post-Education
Settlement Planning
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When you have a child with special needs, there is so much you need to know to reach your financial goals for yourself and your family. In addition to meeting with one of our advisors, here are some additional tools to help along the way.

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Note: Reprinted with permission of the Special Needs Alliance. Evaluating the Alternatives The last issue of The Voice introduced the True Link card, a customizable Visa card that enables individuals with special needs to conveniently make purchases without affecting their needs-based government benefits. Families and trustees […]


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