Planning Services

Specialized financial advice for families
of children with special needs

No two families are alike, which is why we don’t use a financial planning template. The best solutions come from knowing the details of a particular family, as well as the experience of working with a spectrum of children with special needs. We have years of experience working with children with special needs ranging from infants to adults. After meeting with you, we can begin to develop a plan that maximizes your finances for your child and for you.

The Special Needs Planning Center will consult with you in all of the most important aspects of you and your child’s financial lives. This includes:
Meeting Social Security Qualification Guidelines
Social Security benefits may not be necessary, but you want to be prepared should they become necessary. We can help you allocate finances in a way that provides the maximum Social Security benefit to your child.
Establishing Special Needs Trusts
Before you meet with an attorney to create a trust for a child with special needs, we can work with you so that you understand the different types of trusts and the benefits of each. This can significantly reduce your legal expenses.
Retaining Guardianship
When your child turns 18, there are several options available as to their guardianship. We’ll go over each of these with you to ensure you’re choosing what’s right for your family once you meet with an attorney to start the process.
Coordinating Family Assets
We work with you to ensure that you have the money you need to care for your child today and in the future. We’ll also help you develop a financial plan that allows for your retirement, as well as for the care of your child once you’re unable to provide it.
Creating Continuity of Care Documents
Children with special needs require very specific care—activities, scheduling, prescriptions and much more. We can help you develop an “instruction manual” that covers your child’s needs should someone else need to take over their care.
Planning for Post-Education
Many children with special needs are eligible for daily education through the age of 21. We can help you plan for the days after their 21st birthday by reviewing the available options, which could include individual care, adult day care, employment, etc.
Settlement Planning
Receiving a disability related settlement is often both life-changing and stressful. We work with your legal team to receive the settlement proceeds, coordinate the necessary legal documents and develop an investment strategy that makes sure the assets provide what you need, for as long as you need them. This includes considering tax implications, and addressing the preservation of Medicare or Medicaid when appropriate.