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Children with special needs also need special financial considerations. That’s why Heath Burch and Scott Adams founded the Special Needs Planning Center. Their goal is to help parents throughout the different stages of their child’s development, while also helping the parents reach their own financial goals.

Planning Services

When caring for a child with special needs, the options can be overwhelming. The dedicated team at The Special Needs Planning Center can help you create financial plans that will help ensure a level of quality care for your child during and after your lifetime, and will prepare you and your family for the following:

Meeting Social Security Qualification Guidelines
Establishing Special Needs Trusts
Retaining Guardianship
Coordinating Family Assets
Creating Continuity of Care Documents
Planning for Post-Education
Settlement Planning
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When you have a child with special needs, there is so much you need to know to reach your financial goals for yourself and your family. In addition to meeting with one of our advisors, here are some additional tools to help along the way.

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We Now Offer Trust Services for Families
With CommunityAmerica Trust Services available through CommunityAmerica Financial Solutions, we can now offer corporate trustee services. While we have helped families understand their options when creating an estate plan and worked closely with attorneys to craft documents, we have been unable to provide trustee services. For […]
We’re Expanding Our Insurance Offerings to Brokerage Services
While we have handled basic insurance needs for clients for years, primarily limited to life insurance, we have expanded our access to brokerage services. We have enhanced our ability to address the following and more. Included are complete coverage reviews, analysis of current rates and terms […]
Naming a Special Needs Trust as Beneficiary of your IRA or Retirement Plan
This issue of the Voice was written by Special Needs Alliance member Lisa Nachmias Davis, a partner in the New Haven, Connecticut law firm of Davis O’Sullivan & Priest, LLC. Ms. Davis helps clients with estate planning, setting up or administering special needs trusts, qualifying for […]
Handling Family Changes When You Have a Child with Special Needs
Broadridge Advisor Solutions, Guest Contributors What can you expect? Becoming parents requires that you and your spouse redefine your roles and responsibilities, and this is especially true if your child is born with special needs. You may have to make significant changes in your lifestyle and […]
Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust
Broadridge Advisor Solutions, Guest Contributors An irrevocable life insurance trust (ILIT), sometimes referred to as a wealth replacement trust, is a trust that is funded, at least in part, by life insurance policies or proceeds. If properly implemented, an ILIT can help minimize estate taxes and […]
Private insurance for medical care
Broadridge Advisor Solutions, Guest Contributors As the parent of a child with special needs, you’ll face certain challenges when it comes to coordinating medical care. You may often need to act as an advocate for your child’s best interests. To be effective in that role, you’ll […]
Finding Quality Child Care When Your Child Has Special Needs
What types of child care are available? Many child-care arrangements are available for children with special needs. Traditional child-care settings offer children with and without special needs the opportunity to learn and grow alongside each other. Specialized child-care settings cater exclusively to children with special needs. […]
A Strategy to Make Decisions on Distributions from Special Needs Trusts
You are the trustee of a special needs trust. Your beneficiary (Beth) lives in public housing, receives SSI (Supplemental Security Income) and MA (Medical Assistance), and has just asked you for a $200 gift card to Target so that she can buy headphones, clothes, toiletries, and […]
An Instruction Manual for Parents
When you first learned of your child’s diagnosis were you handed an instruction manual telling you everything that you would need to know about your child? I’m not just talking about information specific to their diagnosis, although that would have certainly saved you countless hours of […]
Why should you be concerned with planning for your child with special needs?
It should be assumed that every parent would be interested in the long-term outcomes of their children. When that parent considers the reality of their child with special needs requiring life-long assistance and planning, the task becomes particularly daunting as the child will, in many cases, […]


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